My chess training program

I commit myself to a chess training program for a month to improve my chess skills. Because of the availability of too much training material I would restrict myself to fewer platforms for my training. I am experimenting with udemy as a platform for my learning. I shall stick to a training platform and complete it. Here is my training plan.

Endgame Training

Complete Silman Endgame training book.

Opening Training

Focus on modern defense with Nc6 ideas.

Focus on b3, Nc3 and Kings Indian with white.

Tactics training

Complete King Crushers tactics training on udemy.

Other training

Complete my set of udemy chess trainings

Chess Advice from Brian Wall

  • When playing a lost position keep pieces in best squares and hope for the best
  • To beat a lower rated player you need to create imbalances
  • Try to keep the position complicated!
  • Pawns near the king is worth a piece
  • Fishing pole trick
  • Queen usually belong near the king as its defender
  • If a rook is out, that means bishop is developed
  • Creating chaotic positions is one of the best ways to play chess
  • Computers wait for you to make pawn moves
  • 90% of chess tactics involves moving /forcing chess pieces to move between strongest and weakest

Chess Position Analyzed with Brian

Black to play and draw

Analyze Black to play

Analyze this position

Analyze Vancura Rook Ending. Saavedra Position.

Fighting game against an FM.

Good game worth analyzing.

Draw against another WFM

Computer analysis
Move times

Victory Against WFM Enchanteur

I was able to defeat a WFM convincingly in this online game.  I played closed scillian

Casual Game vs Ed

I had to play on the losing side of a Russian Defense. I had chances to equalize, however lost